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5 Tips for Moonlighting Entrepreneurs

It’s no secret that many new ventures are started when founders are working at other companies, and for many entrepreneurs, it makes sense to moonlight at first. Keeping a day job means maintaining financial security through the early years of your startup’s existence when revenue is uncertain. It may make sense, but… Read more here.

Cyber Crime: You’re an Easy Target

With recent headlines focusing on data breaches at big-box retailers such as Home
Depot and Target, you may think hackers are after only large-scale businesses. But
that’s what scammers want you to think – because then you won’t see them coming. “Small businesses have become the low-hanging fruit for hackers,” said Melanie Wyne… Read more here.

Georgia Tech Lands $2M Delta Air Lines Innovation Center

Delta Air Lines will invest $3 million in Georgia Tech, including a $2 million innovation center at Midtown’s Tech Square. The Atlanta-based airline will focus on developing technologies and innovations to boost operations and customer experience at a nearly 7,000-square-foot center. Delta is taking over… Read more here.

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