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10 Bad Work Habits to Eliminate Before Becoming an Entrepreneur

We all have bad work habits and most of us are content to get away with them for the foreseeable future. Sure, they may make us a little less productive, and they might not look great in a performance review, but they’re relatively innocuous when they creep into our daily lives.When you step up to be an entrepreneur, everything changes… Read more here.

9 Secrets of Remarkably Successful Leaders

9 Secrets of Remarkably Successful Leaders [] What does it take to be successful as a top executive in a big company–or as an entrepreneur? Nicole Shariat Farb has been both. Farb learned a lot along the way in her journey from investment banker to company founder. Here are some of her most valuable lessons… Read more here.

Atlanta Housing Authority Passes Financial Audit

For the third year in a row, the Atlanta Housing Authority (AHA) has received a clean bill of financial health from independent auditing firm CohnReznick LLP. The annual compliance audit determines whether the agency has followed all applicable laws and regulations and measures the adequacy of its internal controls… Read more here.

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Slipakoff LLP is a corporate law firm headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, and serving clients throughout the Southeast. Slipakoff LLP specializes in early- and mid-stage venture capital and concentrates on capital raise transactions, corporate agreements, SEC and state securities compliance, and mergers and acquisitions. For more information about Slipakoff LLP, please “Attorney Advertising.”
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